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Vibrate Up and Create a Life Shift!

In my private sessions, online intensives and podcasts, the healing energy I’m channeling helps you lift your vibrational rate and vibrate up. That’s the frequency where you can create greater levels of love, joy and success in your life. Here’s how it works …

Posted 11/17/2015 06:02 AM

'Life Shift' That Inner Critic

You know that inner voice that says you’re not good enough, too old, too poor, etc., that sometimes runs wild in your head? We all have that critic, the key is not to get stuck with that echo in your head. Here’s a quick shift to silence and shift that voice, whenever it comes up.

Posted 11/09/2015 05:50 AM

Living the Power of Your Life's Purpose

Why is it important to connect to your life’s purpose? Isn’t having goals for your career, relationships and finances already enough? The truth is, when you align with your life’s true purpose then life becomes truly magical.

Posted 11/04/2015 05:13 AM

Rediscover Your Magnificent Self!

Are you feeling fat and unattractive? Those feelings and perceptions that no one will love you until you’re the ideal weight is a distortion, and keeps you in a critical state of mind. Let’s blow that mistaken belief system out of the water, here and now, and learn to embody your magnificent self!

Posted 11/02/2015 06:02 AM

Vibrate Up with 'Inner Passage'

Take a few minutes today to connect with your higher spiritual self! All you have to do is listen to this snippet from “Inner Passage” which will immediately help you tap into your intuition and soul light energy.

Posted 10/18/2015 08:39 AM

Let Go of Guilt and Receive Your Good!

What are you subconsciously feeling guilty about? For so many, something you may have done many years ago is still ruling your life, and your self worth, in the present. Here’s how to release any stored, subconscious guilt, and allow yourself to receive the good in your life.

Posted 09/02/2015 05:55 AM

Thoughts Are Things!

When they say ‘you create your own reality’ it’s absolutely true. Pay attention to your words today, and see how when you start to change the words you’re saying throughout the day, and shift them into positive mantras, you’ll be amazed at how this shifts your reality as well. Try it!

Posted 08/27/2015 06:24 AM

A Mantra for Financial Flow

Here’s a wonderful mantra you ca use to shift up into abundance, joy and success any time you may be feeling financial stress. When you’re vibrating in that powerful give and flow concept of abundance, that’s exactly what you’ll experience in your life.

Posted 08/14/2015 01:40 PM