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When God When?

We’ve all had that feeling of ‘when, God, when?’ as we set our goals, dreams and desires. But part of creating a Life Shift is being in Divine timing, and realizing when something you really want hasn’t happened yet, it’s merely delayed, not denied.

Posted 04/25/2014 07:10 AM

Shift and Glide Through Criticism

We all get the occasional bad review in our life, but what’s the most effective way to tackle an onslaught of criticism coming your way?

Posted 04/24/2014 09:38 AM

What's the Difference Between Goals and Your Life's Purpose?

What’s the difference between achieving a goal and finding your life’s purpose? For me, an early life goal was to be in show business, but as the years progressed, I found my true life’s purpose had a far deeper essence. Here’s how you can discover the difference between the two.

Posted 04/22/2014 11:14 PM

I Believe in Practical Spirituality

I’m from Brooklyn, so I need to see that something works before I’ll believe it. That’s why I believe in boots on the ground, practical spirituality, fueled by the miraculous Source energy. Here’s a closer look at my unique approach to daily life, and how I can share it with you.

Posted 04/22/2014 09:30 AM

The Gift of Healing

Here’s a little background into how I use my psychic, intuitive healing gifts to help people live from their own Source energy and create Life Shifts in their relationships, finances, careers, and virtually any aspect of their lives.

Posted 04/21/2014 08:52 AM

Affirmations to Hold Your Vision

It’s time to work on holding your vision, and these affirmations along with the channeled, healing power of my voice, will help you shift up and create your life’s vision.

Posted 04/14/2014 08:13 AM

Your Wireless Connection to Source

Whether you’re challenged by your finances, romances, or career, you can best align and connect with your Source energy through appreciation and gratitude. By using the Law of Attraction through gratitude, you’ll create even more. Try it today and you’ll see for yourself!

Posted 04/11/2014 10:07 AM

Are Expectations Dragging You Down?

Are you meeting your own (or others) expectations in your life? When you’re trying to manifest the next level of your life, it’s easy to let guilt about perceived failures get in your way. In order to Life Shift, you have to come from a higher perspective, release any fear and connect to your highes

Posted 04/10/2014 01:23 PM