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Shift Out of Envy and Jealousy

Have you ever felt jealous or envious of someone else? There’s always someone out there who seems to have it better than we do, right? Here’s how to shift out of that green eyed monster called envy, and connect with your own feeling of success and joy.

Posted 08/18/2016 09:16 AM

The Permission to Relax

The possibilities to truly nurture yourself while you’re on vacation this summer are endless, but the first thing you have to do is make a conscious decision to allow yourself to relax. Here’s how you can create a truly rejuvenating summer vacation, and come back exhilarated instead of exhausted.

Posted 08/17/2016 03:34 AM

What Is a Life Shift?

How do you create a Life Shift in your own life? Here’s a brief look at how I create a powerful Life Shift via the clear, shift and create method. It’s all about unblocking the negativity that clogs up your body’s ‘energetic arteries’ so you can return to your natural state of joy.

Posted 06/20/2016 04:27 AM

Spiritual Call to Action for Orlando

When we’re faced with the darkness that exists on the planet, we have to lift that darkness into the light, and overcome and heal through prayer, meditation and the Field of Love. Join me in this empowerment meditation to raise your frequency and act as

Posted 06/15/2016 08:36 AM

Shift Into Financial Abundance

I have more than I need to create what I want. That’s a powerful affirmation to use when you have a financial challenge in your life. Here’s how to use this mantra to expand your financial abundance.

Posted 06/02/2016 12:43 PM

Magnetic Burnout: Are You Giving More Than You're Receiving?

Are you always giving, giving, giving to everyone but yourself? If you’re worrying more about another’s well-being than your own, it’s time to create a Life Shift right now. Here are some power mantras that will help you learn to receive more joy and happiness in YOUR life.

Posted 05/26/2016 11:17 PM

Power Mantras Aren't Working? Try This ...

As we continue to create our own power mantras for whatever you desire in your life, here’s another secret to breaking through any resistance and truly believing and manifesting your dreams.

Posted 05/23/2016 10:04 AM

Shift Through a Broken Dream

When one of your life’s dreams seems to have shattered in a million pieces, you can go on to an even greater, more fulfilling one. Here are some ways you can shift through a broken dream and get back on track.

Posted 05/12/2016 09:40 AM