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Being Ageless - Belief Trumps Genes!

The science and studies are starting to reveal what I’ve believed for many years, that when it comes to aging, belief trumps genes! Here’s what I mean by that …

Posted 05/01/2015 01:55 PM

Let's All Be Ageless Gods and Goddesses!

I’ve been talking about winding up and not down for ages, so I was thrilled to see Oprah and Christiane Northrup talking about ageless living this week on Super Soul Sunday. We really are ageless goddesses, and here are some tips on living in that reality.

Posted 04/29/2015 01:29 PM

Affirmations for Vibrant Health and Agelessness

Are you envisioning yourself getting stronger and healthier every day, or that you’re getting older and it’s all going downhill? Here are some affirmations to help you hold the vision for greater health and a younger, fabulous you!

Posted 05/12/2014 11:05 AM